8:03 is BACK!

DING!  It’s 8:03! Hello Friend!   Remember us? It’s Adam, Jakob, Kent, and Katie! We're usually locked in trunks or tied up with yarn.   We are reaching out because we consider you a friend, a fan, and - most importantly - a cookie aficionado. We have some exciting updates from the Scherzo world, so please read…Read more 8:03 is BACK!

8:03 – A Revival

8:03 is back. We're very exited to be remounting our show for such a wonderful cause.  Only three performances so we hope to see you there! A unique and thought-provoking play, 8:03 is 50 minutes of theatrical entertainment that will create heady chatter amongst its engaged and tickled audiences. 8:03 explores the consequences of living…Read more 8:03 – A Revival