The Troupe

Who We Are:

Scherzo Theatre Company was founded by the quirky Jakob Berger, the flirtatious Adam Dlugolecki, & the jubilant Kent Jenkins in 2014, who, for some unknown reason, continuously create together, most likely because they scare other people away.  They are often always aided by the altruistic yet outré Katherine McDowell, with her technical expertise and knack for thinking of exactly the right thing at the right time.

Kent:  Kent was born on the internet and has lived there ever since.  He has a showy alter ego called Snubby J, and a nice one that goes by the name of Toby.  When not around Jakob and Adam, he collaborates behind their backs with other artists, and parades under the the title Fiasco Physical Theatre.  He is allergic to dogs.

Adam: Whatever he may say, Adam is not from Alaska.  That is all you need to know about him.

Jakob:  Jakob has a website.  If you care to, go check it out.  It mostly has songs he’s written on it.

Katherine:  Katie cannot be described in words.  So here are some non-words to describe her: alsdkfgh aosdf fdfasdfsd sdaufiupiysfagvuyiuyi vcxzlkjhsda hjk dsfafsad f sadf uivsckjhlj mnbvlsidaw aeruiwt hjdkfsg !@#JLHGhjkh.  That sounds about right.