The world is well-ordered and predictable.
The food is good and everything runs on time; 5 PM turned into 6 PM, 6 PM turned into 7 PM, 7 PM turned into 8 PM.
The bell dings.  The system begins.
But, this time, the predictable gives way to flying gloves, cookie jars, tribal drums, and a brewing storm at sea.

It’s 8:03 and the world is changing.

An original, three-man piece where circus, farce, and the absurd meet to create an unusual world that includes exciting physical performances and original music.  Come experience this touching story of encountering the uncomfortable.  Created and performed by Jakob Berger, Adam Dlugolecki and Kent Jenkins.

All ages welcome & don’t be late.  Plan accordingly.  You have been warned.

Bring 3 coins.

Penny for Your Thoughts

penny-postacard-backOnce upon a time there was a young boy who ran away from home to grow up.  Once upon a time there was an old man who got trapped in his nostalgia.  Scherzo Theatre Company takes you on two bold adventures where words turn into movement, dreams into memories, and wishes into Nothingness.

Bring a penny.


Yarn gimmemoney


Let Scherzo Theatre Company steal you away to another world – one filled with danger, delight, and dum-dums. Join founding members Adam, Jakob, and Kent as they weave together a story as captivating as the scarf around your neck. But be careful – one wrong move and it’s lights out.